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W. G. Sutherland, Osteopath

Osteopathy is a holistic manual treatment approach, in which your whole body is examined and treated in its complexity. Osteopathy can be used on many different health conditions and is a great complement to the classical conventional medicine.

Osteopathic treatments can be suitable for any age group from newborns, children, adolescents to adults. To offer you an unique, holistic treatment, we are specialised extensively in the following topics:

  • Osteopathy for Women’s Health and around pregnancy - More about Osteopathy for women
  • Osteopathy for Newborns, Children and Adolescents - More about Osteopathy for Children
  • Osteopathy and acute and chronic pain, like Migraine, Back pain or others
  • Osteopathy and Stress related Disorders like Tinnitus, Teeth Grinding, Temporomandibular Joint Disorders TMJ, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Autoimmune Deseases or others
  • Osteopathy and Trauma Therapy, Psychological or Psychosomatic Conditions like Burn Out or Depression

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What to expect in my first Osteopathy session?

Osteopathy always puts Your Holistic Health first, and focuses not only on singular symptoms.
This approach is called Salutogenesis (latin: salus “health or wellbeing” und genesis “development”).

For our first appointment we reserve around an hour for you, in order to understand your current conditions and possible causes on a holistic point of view. Not only are your current physical conditions important for us, but also your daily habits, living conditions, nutrition habits, sport, hobbies, your past and future goals.

We mainly use gentle, pleasant and relaxing treatment techniques, so most patients find our osteopathy treatments very relaxing. We use joint mobilisation, myofascial release, visceral techniqus for your inner organs, craniosacral and biodynamic Osteopathic techniques for your central nervous system. We will also use balancing integration techniques, so that your body system can incorporate the treatment benefits successfully. We will also analyse your posture, working routines and daily habits, so together we will find suitable streching or strengthening exercises that you can do at home, in order to maintain a longlasting results and optimum health.

Healing with your hands - An ARTE documentary of Osteopathy

Together we can assess the following systems in osteopathy and find Healthy Solutions for You:

1. Biomechanical System or Structural Osteopathy

For your posture, muscles and joints, for example your jaw, spine, pelvis, feet and others

2. Metabolic System or Visceral Osteopathy

For your inner organs (latin: viszera “inner organs”), ligaments and fascia (connecting tissue), and for your metabolism and hormones

3. Neurological System oder Craniosacral Osteopathy

For your nervous system (latin: cranium “skull”, sacrum “sacral bone”). A balanced autonomic nervous system ANS is important for your life energy and your vitality

4. Circulatory-Respiratory System

For your cardio-vascular- and lymphathic and your immune system

5. Biopsychosocial System

For a healthy balance of work, movement, training, nutrition and restoration. Together we can analyse your current life and find the ideal balance that is suitable and healthy for you for the long term.