Osteopathy for children

Osteopathy for Children

Osteopathy for Newborns, Children and Adolescents

Osteopathy is a pleasant and gentle treatment approach, that is appliable for various health conditions in any age. Especially for newborns, children and adolescents Osteopathy offers wide possibilities for holistic treatments and prevention.

This varies from physical conditions, postural issues, up to general support for mental and physical development for children and adolescents.

By the osteopathic view birth or prenatal stress can challenge the wellbeing and development of children in their early age or cause dysbalances later on in their developement. As osteopaths we seek to solve to cause of any dysbalance in order to reestablish full functionality and movement for your overall wellbeing.

Our Team is trained over two years in a certified post-graduate children’s osteopathy training. Over the last years we could gather many experiences with different children and various health conditions, and were able to successfully assist children and their parents to a healthy life and development.

Our expertise cover issues reagrding breast feeding, tongue strap disorders, asymmetry, plagiocephaly, bowel issues like bloating, sleeping disorders and other topics like scoliosis, malalignments, traumatic injuries, jaw disorders TMJ and more.

In order to offer a good and wide support system for your child, we are cooperating with pediatrics, midwifes, breast feeding specialists, naturopaths and psychologists for children and adolescents.

We are looking forward to meeting you and your family in person!

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