Osteopathy for women

Osteopathy for Women

Osteopathy for Womens Health

Osteopathy is always regarding and treating the whole body, mind and spirit. Therefore it is appliable for a wide variety of health conditions.

Over the last years we were able to support many women to reach a healthy and pleasant menstrual cycle, and assist them in other gynaecological challenges from pregnancy to menopause to reach their optimum health and well-being.

We are looking forward to meeting you in person and assist you to live your fullest potential!

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Osteopathy around pregnancy

Osteopathy for women, Pregnancy, in gynaecology and wish for child - Osteopathy Practice Victoria Männel Munich Schwabing

The gentle approach in osteopathy is ideal for an individual support around your pregnancy. We can assist you throughout the complex changes in your pregnancy with Osteopathy, naturopathy and therapeutic training advise, and complement your support of doctors and midwife.

Osteopathy and a wish of child

Are you planning to becoming pregnant? We can prepare your body and mind for a beautiful pregnancy. We are happy to advise you and your partner, how to adapt your nutrition, training and life style in order to make space for a new baby.

Osteopathy during pregnancy

During pregnancy your body needs to change and adapt a lot. Your posture will change, the position of inner organs and your connecting tissue becomes more elastic due to your hormonal changes. We can help you with theses changes holistically and according to each phase of your pregnancy, for an optimal energy balance, nourishment for you, your baby and for a good preparation for the birth.

Osteopathy after childbirth

After childbirth most priorities change, including day and night routines. Often this affords a lot of energy for new mothers, and few time is left for the needed self recovery and regression. Osteopathy can be used to assist you holistically. We are very happy to offer a therapeutic space for restoration and recharging, so that you have enough energy reserves for you and your child. We can help you recover birth injuries, caesarian, and gently retrain the pelvic floor. Breastfeeding requires a lot of energy and nutrition, together we can work on ideal breast feeding positions, handling your beautiful baby and find relaxing stretches and exercises.

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Synchronize with your female moon-cycle, Osteopathy Practice Victoria Männel in Munch Schwabing. Osteopathy for Women, Pregnancy and for gynaecology

Life in balance with your moon cycle

During our menstrual cycle we naturally go through cyclical and hormonal changes. According to each hormonal phase we have different energy levels, creativity, productivity, strength in sport and different need for food. We can use these phases consciously, and adapt our nutrition and work schedule accordingly. When we learn to synchronize our life to our cyclical energies and honour our needs, we can very often soothe menstrual related pain or conditions around the menopause. Furthermore we can feel a lot more vital and balanced throughout the whole cylce and enjoy each phase with its specialities.

Osteopathy can be used to assist you holistically. Moreover we are happy to guide you which sort of training, yoga or restoration is suited for you best according to your current situtation. And we can give you nutritional advise to your individual needs.

Rise of the Feminine

Let yourself be inspired by the magnificent feminine power that lives in each one of us. A wonderful video from Layla El Khadri, Coach, Somatic Dance Therapist and Mentor: