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Practice For Osteopathy and Holistic Health - Victoria Männel and Team

Are you feeling exhausted, tense or pain? Are you looking for a holistic treatment, personalized for You? Are you searching for ways, how to actively benefit your health? Do you want to become the best version of yourself, full of health, joy and success?

We are very looking forward to meeting you!

As a Team of wonderful, empathic Women, all Osteopaths and Naturopaths, we work closely together to offer a high quality, holistic treatment for You and Your Family.

We are specialized in Osteopathy for adults and children of all ages. Our expertise cover topics all around Pregnancy and Womens' Wellbeing, Osteopathy for Babies and Children, as well as Acute an Chronic Pain, (Back) pain, migraine, injuries, Stress related issues like Teeth Grinding (CMD or TMJ Disorders), Psychosomatic Challenges, Hormonal Imbalances or Digestive Disorders.

Let's decipher together the code to your individual health, energy and relaxation, so that you can live your fullest potential.

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  • Osteopathic Treatment of the Head, craniosacral therapy in Osteopathy Practice Victoria Männel in Munich Schwabing
  • Osteopathic treatment of a woman's womb. Osteopathy for Women, pregnancy, wish for child, menstrual cramps, pelvic pain, incontinence or other gynaecological issues. Practice Victoria Männel Munich Schwabing
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We combine our broad knowledge and skills individually for You:

We are looking forward to meeting you in person and to support you!

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I can recommend this beautiful practice and team with all my heart. Each appointment is balm for my soul and whole being. With my pelvic and lumbal inclination, misalignments and resulting headaches each treatment is really benefitting my health and wellbeing. In my current pregnancy I am also feeling supported very well. I especially appreciate the holistic and empathic approach of each treatment. Details and even small things, that I voice, are noted and well remembered. With all the additional tips and advice for my daily life, each session has longlasting effects. Thank you!

J. N.

Competent, warmly and professional.
I have had a couple of treatments for my pain and tension that I experience since several years now. The treatments are very professional, competent and always very empathic and sympathic. After two sessions I could see drastic improvements of my issues. I am also benefitting of all the additional advice on nutrition, individual training exercises and breathing techniques for my daily life. I am really content in this practice. My family is also comming to the practice and liking it here. I can reccomend this practice with all my heart.

Nicole M.

We came with our newborn baby to the practice and are very happy. The tension and asymmetric head posture, that our baby boy had, could be solved after a couple of sessions. Afterwards our baby always seemed content and calmer, and was able to sleep well. The breastfeeding also improved. We could gather a couple of helpful tips for home, too. All in all very recommendable!

Anna G.

Magic hands, that improve my conditions instantly - thank you Ms Männel!

Cordelia Weinfurter

The first treatment already helped to improve my health conditions a lot. A very warm hearted and comepetent therapist.

Andrea H.

A competent and very friendly treatment. It feels like you are in very good hands and you are met in a kind and sensitive manner.

Claudia H.

I am seeing Victoria for treatments for some time now, and I feel very comfortable with her and in good hands. Not only could my pain due to my scoliosis nearly entirely get cured with her help, but she also stands by my side for any other issues regarding my health, like treating my pain during menstruation.

Larissa Greiderer

Ms Männel is a great therapist, I feel very comfortable with her.

Klaus B.

The most precious of the support I receive by Victoria, is her tireless detective work, that she brings in openminded and situationally with her profound knowledge in different areas. My body experience and my descriptions are respected and valued as a source of information.

Sonja Schaman

Since my first pregnancy I am in osteopathic accompaniment by Victoria, and I cannot imagine a better support for me. Empathic, sensitive, competent and with a pleasant calmness she brings me a wonderful physical feeling and helps me with my issues during my pregnancy.
Our little Lotta is also supported by Victoria since her birth and she really enjoys her treatments. In her treatments you can see Victoria's professionality, as she treats our little bundle of engery, Lotta, with a calm and playful manner.
I can recomend this versed Osteopath very much and I am happy that she stands by my side once again in my second pregnancy with all her expert knowledge, and the holistic, effective treatment approaches. A warm thank you, dear Victoria!

Stefanie Köpfer

Along with some osteopathic treatments, Victoria showed me individual training and stretching exercises (to balance my posture and muscle tension) and gave me personal nutritional advice. I implemented those to my daily routines, I lost weight even though I was not looking for a diet, my digestion improved and I have not had the issues as before. Victoria really looks at the person as a whole. Thank you!

Mariana H.

I am very thankful for the treatments with Victoria. The therapy helps me a lot to solve my health issues. I can recommend her to everyone. I feel that I am in very good hands.

Nina Schröder

You can find our modern practice in a quiet backyard in Schwabing, a real place for recovery and health:

Ainmillerstraße 34 Garden house, ground floor
80801 Munich - Schwabing

Phone +49 159 / 06 15 77 87 or e-mail at

Costs of Osteopathic Treatment

One osteopathic therapy session costs about 135€, and lasts usually between 45-60 min.

Public Health Insurance

Public health insurances refund osteopathy differently. As a member of the Berufsverband VOD we fufill all the requirements for a refund of your insurance company according to their guidelines. Often you need a private presciption for osteopathy. Please contact your insurance before your appointment or check here: Osteokompass

Private Health Insurance for Naturopathic Treatments

Additionally to the Public Health Insurance (GKV) there are Private Insurances for Naturopathic Treatments Heilpraktikerzusatzversicherung that can cover the costs for Osteopathic Treatments according to you tariff.

Private Health Insurance

We issue our invoices according to the Gebührenverzeichnis für Heilpraktiker (GebüH). Private Health Insurances cover the costs for osteopathic and naturopathic treatments according to your tariff.


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